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Located in bustling Hollywood, protecting your home from various threats is crucial. At Hurricane Home Improvement, we are dedicated to providing high-quality impact doors and windows tailored to the needs of Hollywood residents. Our services go beyond protection, including roof replacement, AC replacement, and attic insulation to enhance safety and efficiency for your Hollywood home. Trust us to elevate your comfort and security levels today.

Impact Doors and Windows

Our Services

Impact Windows

Ensure the safety of your Hollywood home with our durable impact windows, designed to withstand strong winds and debris during hurricanes. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is shielded against nature’s elements. Our impact windows protect your loved ones and belongings, offering a secure shelter during turbulent weather conditions.

Experience a more comfortable and eco-friendly lifestyle in Hollywood with our energy-efficient impact windows. Say goodbye to drafts and inconsistent temperatures as our windows minimize air leakage, maintaining a cozy atmosphere year-round. By reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling, our impact windows also help lower energy bills, saving you money while reducing your environmental impact.

Impact Windows South Florida

Our Installation Process

At Hurricane Home Improvement, we prioritize precision and quality throughout the installation process:

  • Handling the Weight: Impact windows are notably heavier than standard windows. Our skilled technicians are adept at handling this additional weight with care and expertise.
  • Ensuring Leveling: Achieving proper leveling is crucial for the effectiveness of impact windows. Our team meticulously levels each window during installation to guarantee optimal performance.
  • Securing with Precision: To fortify against hurricane winds, impact windows require an extensive number of screws for secure attachment. Our installers utilize longer and thicker screws, adhering strictly to building codes. The proximity of your building to the coast determines the quantity of screws used.
  • Waterproof Sealing: Proper sealing around window frames is imperative to prevent water infiltration. We employ high-quality caulk and flash stripping to ensure a watertight seal, safeguarding your home against water damage.
  • Replacing Old Windows: When replacing old windows with impact windows, we follow meticulous steps to ensure a seamless transition. Dry fitting procedures are performed meticulously, adhering strictly to manufacturers’ installation requirements to maintain warranty validity and maximize effectiveness.

Trust Hurricane Home Improvement to elevate your home’s defense against hurricanes with expertly installed impact windows. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and fortify your Hollywood residence against nature’s fury.

Impact Doors

Strengthen your Hollywood home against hurricanes and storms with our expertly crafted impact doors, designed to withstand the challenging weather conditions of South Florida. Made from high-quality materials, these doors provide unmatched protection for your family and property, ensuring peace of mind during stormy seasons.

Say goodbye to high energy costs in Hollywood’s humid climate! Our impact doors not only offer superior protection but also enhance energy efficiency by minimizing air leakage, keeping indoor environments comfortably cool. Enjoy a more cost-effective and environmentally conscious lifestyle while staying comfortable in Hollywood’s tropical weather.

Hurricane Impact Doors in Hollywood

Discover Stylish Impact Doors in Hollywood with Hurricane Home Improvement

Gone are the days of sacrificing style for safety with impact doors. At Hurricane Home Improvement, we offer a range of impact doors that not only provide superior protection but also elevate the curb appeal of your property. Our collection includes:

  • French Doors: Add charm and elegance to your patio entrance with our classic French doors. Whether you opt for two-panel doors or larger glass configurations, these doors seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces while withstanding the toughest weather conditions.
  • Outswing Entrance Door: The epitome of versatility and durability, our outswing entrance doors are a top choice for residential properties in Hollywood. Perfect for homes and small businesses alike, they combine style with resilience to protect your property against hurricanes and more.
  • Sliding Glass Doors: Create a seamless transition between your patio and interior living space with our sliding glass doors. Not only do they offer panoramic views and abundant natural light, but they also ensure maximum security and impact resistance.

All our impact doors are crafted from the strongest impact glass, providing unparalleled protection against storms and intruders alike. Ready to elevate your property’s safety and style? Contact Hurricane Home Improvement today to learn more about our impact door solutions in Hollywood.

Roof Replacement

For Hollywood residents considering a roof replacement, look no further! Our premium roofing materials are engineered to endure South Florida’s unique weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting solution for your roof. Our skilled team manages every step of the process with precision, from assessment to installation, guaranteeing a durable and leak-proof result that can withstand Hollywood’s heat and humidity.

Upgrade your Hollywood property with an energy-efficient roof that helps maintain comfortable indoor spaces, ultimately reducing cooling expenses. Our offerings include reflective coatings and insulation features to combat Hollywood’s hot temperatures. Enhance the curb appeal and value of your property with a professionally installed, visually appealing roof that not only protects your home but also enhances its overall appearance. Contact us today at (786) 807-6776 for a consultation and trust your roof replacement needs to our experienced Hollywood team.

AC Replacement

Ensuring a cool environment is essential in Hollywood, Florida, and our energy-efficient AC systems are designed to do just that. With precise installations and expert guidance, we ensure optimal performance and increased energy efficiency, resulting in lower monthly costs. Enjoy consistent comfort, even during Hollywood’s warmest months, with our high-quality AC units.

Our skilled technicians assess your cooling needs and provide professional recommendations tailored to your budget and energy efficiency goals. Bid farewell to unreliable cooling solutions – our AC replacement services offer lasting reliability, providing you peace of mind year-round. Don’t suffer in the heat of Hollywood. Contact us today for a consultation and discover the benefits of upgrading your AC system with our skilled team.

Attic Insulation

In Hollywood, Florida, our attic insulation services are designed to tackle the challenges posed by the region’s tropical climate. Custom insulation materials effectively block heat transfer, ensuring your home maintains comfortable temperatures throughout the year. Say goodbye to discomfort with reduced hotspots and improved temperature regulation, creating a quieter indoor environment with added soundproofing benefits.

Concerned about the environment? Our eco-friendly approach to attic insulation not only enhances energy efficiency but also reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for Hollywood. Experience significant energy savings as our insulation minimizes temperature fluctuations, reducing strain on your heating and cooling systems. With long-term cost savings and potentially increased property resale value, our attic insulation services offer a compelling choice for energy-efficient living in Hollywood, Florida. Call us today at (786) 807-6776 for expert consultation and start reaping the benefits!

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Our Core Values

1. Quality Craftsmanship

We uphold the highest standards in every project, ensuring precision, durability, and beauty in every installation. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship is evident in every impact window and door we install.

2. Customer-Centric Approach

At Hurricane Home Improvement, our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. We prioritize your satisfaction, offering personalized solutions and attentive service to meet your unique needs.

3. Integrity and Transparency

Transparency and honesty define our interactions. From project planning to completion, we maintain open communication, provide accurate information, and operate with integrity in all aspects of our business.

4. Community Engagement:

We’re deeply rooted in the South Florida community, and we actively engage in initiatives that promote sustainability, safety, and well-being. Building stronger communities is at the heart of Hurricane Home Improvement’s mission.

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