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Explore Davie, South Florida, with Hurricane Home Improvement! Nestled in the heart of Broward County, our services extend to this vibrant community, offering top-notch solutions such as Impact Doors Installation, Impact Windows Installation, Roof Replacement, AC Replacement, and Attic Insulation. We pride ourselves on not only enhancing the safety and security of homes but also providing convenience through services like Home Financing and Home Estimation. Whether you’re looking to fortify your property against hurricanes or simply upgrade your home’s efficiency, our experienced team is here to serve you. Explore our comprehensive offerings and experience the peace of mind that comes with Hurricane Home Improvement.

Impact Doors and Windows

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Impact Windows Davie FL

Secure your Davie FL home with our durable impact windows, engineered to withstand the powerful winds and airborne debris of hurricanes. Rest easy during severe weather, knowing that your home is fortified against nature’s fury. Our different types of impact windows provide a protective barrier for your loved ones and possessions, offering a safe haven during stormy seasons.


Embrace a more comfortable and eco-friendly lifestyle with our energy-efficient impact windows in Davie FL. Say goodbye to drafts and temperature fluctuations as our windows reduce air leakage, ensuring a consistently cozy indoor environment year-round. By minimizing the need for excessive heating or cooling, our impact windows also help cut down on energy costs, saving you money while reducing your environmental footprint. Contact us at (786) 807-6776 to learn more about how our impact windows can enhance your home’s safety and comfort.

Why Choose Hurricane Impact Windows for Your Davie, FL Home?

Exceptional Hurricane Protection: Our impact windows are expertly crafted to endure the strongest of hurricanes, ensuring unparalleled safety and security for your Davie residence. Engineered with advanced laminated glass layers, these windows shield your property from potential storm damage and debris.

Enhanced Security Features: Beyond hurricane defense, our impact windows provide added security against intruders. Withstanding winds of up to 155 mph, our hurricane-rated glass acts as a formidable barrier, deterring break-ins and offering you peace of mind.

Insurance Premium Savings: Opting for impact windows can lead to substantial savings on your homeowners insurance premiums. Many insurers offer reduced rates for homes equipped with hurricane-resistant features, potentially lowering your insurance costs by up to 50%.

Efficient Summer Cooling: Alongside their protective attributes, our hurricane windows contribute to energy efficiency by effectively insulating against the Davie heat. Enjoy beautiful vistas while keeping your home cool and comfortable, even during the hottest summer months.

Increased Property Value: Installing impact windows can significantly boost the value of your Davie property. When you decide to sell, these windows serve as valuable assets that can justify a higher asking price.

By choosing our hurricane impact windows, you’re making a smart investment in both your home’s safety and its long-term value. Let us help you fortify and enhance your Davie residence with our premium-quality impact windows.

Impact Doors in Davie FL

Shield your Davie home from hurricanes and adverse weather with our top-quality impact doors, designed specifically to withstand the challenging climate of South Florida. Our hurricane-proof impact doors are expertly crafted using premium materials, ensuring unparalleled protection for your property and loved ones during hurricane seasons.

Tired of high energy bills in Davie’s humid conditions? Our impact doors not only offer superior storm protection but also boost energy efficiency by reducing air leakage, helping to maintain a consistently cool indoor environment. Experience a more economical and eco-friendly lifestyle while staying comfortable in Davie’s tropical climate.

Concerned about the cost of impact doors? We offer competitive pricing on our range of impact doors in Davie, providing excellent value for your investment in home safety and energy efficiency. Upgrade your home with impact doors and enjoy peace of mind and savings year-round.

Discover the Advantages of Impact Doors in Davie, FL

At Hurricane Home Improvement, we understand the unique needs of Davie homeowners when it comes to protecting their properties from the elements. Our impact doors are expertly crafted to provide exceptional safety, security, and energy efficiency, making them the perfect choice for residences in the Davie area.

Energy Savings: Our impact doors are designed with cutting-edge materials and technology to reduce air infiltration, ensuring consistent insulation throughout the year. By minimizing drafts and air leaks, our doors help maintain a stable indoor temperature, reducing the workload on your HVAC system and lowering energy bills. Additionally, our impact doors are Energy Star-certified, meeting or exceeding the EPA’s rigorous energy efficiency standards.

Enhanced Security: In addition to hurricane protection, our impact doors offer superior security for your home. With robust construction and reinforced frames, they can withstand forced entry attempts, acting as a deterrent to potential intruders and providing peace of mind for your family and belongings.

Hurricane and Resistance: Our impact doors undergo extensive testing to ensure reliability in extreme weather conditions. From air infiltration to impact resistance, they are engineered to withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris, meeting Florida’s stringent building codes for hurricane protection and offering unmatched safety for your home during storms.

Noise Reduction: Living in a bustling area like Davie can expose your home to constant noise. Our impact doors provide excellent noise reduction, thanks to their sturdy construction and insulation properties. Enjoy a quieter, more peaceful indoor environment.

Property Value Enhancement: Investing in our impact doors not only enhances the safety and security of your home but also increases its market value. Their reputation for durability and resilience makes them highly attractive to potential buyers, making them a smart investment for the future.

Insurance Savings: By installing our impact doors, you may be eligible for discounts on your insurance premiums. Insurance providers recognize the added protection against hurricanes and storms, offering incentives for homeowners with impact-resistant features. Benefit from increased safety and potential savings on insurance costs.

Experience the peace of mind and unmatched protection that Hurricane Home Improvement can bring to your Davie home. Contact us at (786) 807-6776 to learn more about our products and schedule a consultation with our expert team.

Roof Replacement

Residents of Davie, FL seeking roof replacement services, your search ends here! Our premium roofing materials are specifically engineered to withstand the unique weather conditions of South Florida, ensuring a long-lasting solution for your home. Our skilled team oversees every step of the process with precision, from assessment to installation, delivering a durable and leak-proof result that can withstand Davie’s heat and humidity.

Upgrade your Davie property with an energy-efficient roof that helps regulate indoor temperatures, ultimately reducing cooling expenses. Our offerings include reflective coatings and insulation features tailored to combat Davie’s warm climate. Enhance the curb appeal and value of your property with a professionally installed, visually appealing roof that not only protects your home but also enhances its overall appearance. Contact us today at (786) 807-6776 for a consultation and trust your roof replacement needs to our experienced Davie team.

AC Replacement

Maintaining a comfortable indoor environment is crucial in Davie, Florida, and our energy-efficient AC systems are designed to deliver just that. Through precise installations and expert advice, we ensure optimal performance and improved energy efficiency, resulting in reduced monthly expenses. Enjoy consistent cooling, even during Davie’s hottest days, with our top-notch AC units.

Our knowledgeable technicians evaluate your cooling requirements and offer professional recommendations tailored to your budget and energy efficiency objectives. Say goodbye to unreliable cooling solutions – our AC replacement services provide long-lasting dependability, giving you peace of mind throughout the year. Don’t endure the heat in Davie. Contact us today for a consultation and experience the advantages of upgrading your AC system with our skilled team.

Attic Insulation

Transform your home in Davie, Florida, with our premium attic insulation services tailored to combat the unique challenges of our subtropical climate. Our custom insulation solutions are engineered to effectively combat heat transfer, ensuring year-round comfort and energy efficiency.

Bid farewell to discomfort and high energy bills with our expertly installed insulation that minimizes hotspots and regulates indoor temperatures for a quieter and more serene living environment. Our eco-conscious approach not only enhances energy efficiency but also reduces your carbon footprint, making Davie a greener place to live.

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Our team comprises certified installers who undergo rigorous training to maintain the highest safety standards during each installation, prioritizing the well-being of our customers and their homes.

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We strictly adhere to all local building codes and regulations in Davie. Our installations meet or exceed safety requirements set by authorities, ensuring optimal protection against natural elements.

Premium Quality Materials

We use premium materials engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, offering long-lasting durability and reliability to protect your home and loved ones.

Comprehensive Safety Protocols

Our company implements thorough safety protocols and procedures throughout every stage of the installation process, creating a secure and hazard-free environment for our team members and customers alike.

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